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Fair Competition Policy

Competition or anti-trust laws are designed to protect free and fair competition and ensure that the best interests of the consumer are served. These laws apply in which State GMSB operates, and some laws apply across jurisdictional boundaries.

GMSB  observes fair and lawful competition practices, and complies with all applicable competition or anti-trust laws wherever it does business. Anti-trust can be a complex area, and, as in any matter involving legal issues, the advice of the Legal department should be obtained where any doubts or concerns arise.

Examples that often indicate anti-competitive behaviour include:

1. Entering into any arrangement with competitors on sales prices

2. Agreeing the price at which our resellers sell Fujitsu goods and services

3. Agreeing not to compete

4. Discussing competitive bids with other bidding companies (bid rigging)

5. Participating in market allocation (agreeing to allocate certain customers or customer groups, or certain geographies, for example)

6. Agreements as to production or sales volumes

7. Selling goods or services at less than market values in order to hurt competition (dumping).

Anti-competitive behaviour has very severe consequences:

8. For example in the EU fines can be up to 10% of global turnover

9. Prison sentences for individuals convicted of offences

10. Being excluded from government contracts

11. Serious reputational harm

12. Serious adverse effect on a company’s ability to obtain contracts in the future

It is important that any possible breaches of the principle of fair competition are notified immediately to the legal department or senior management (or through “GMSB Alert” if necessary). Many countries operate leniency programs which can lead to reduced financial penalties for breaches where they are voluntarily brought to the attention of the enforcing authorities.


3.5 Marketing and Advertising

GMSB’s reputation is valuable and has been achieved through many years of excellent service and integrity in its business operations. To maintain our reputation all marketing, advertising and sales activities must describe our offerings and services legally and fairly. Any practices that are false, misleading or deceptive are prohibited.

GMSB’s brand and trademarks must be used consistently, legally and in accordance with company policy.