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Intellectual Property

1.1 Protecting GMSB IP

GMSB’s intellectual property is a valuable asset and an essential management resource underpinning our business activities and the confidence that our customers place in us.

We will make every effort to obtain and maintain all necessary intellectual property rights including patents, copyrights and trademarks, and utilize them effectively in growing our business.

In particular we must:

1. Identify and protect GMSB intellectual property

2. Comply with all GMSB policies concerning the protection of intellectual property

3. Consult with the Legal department before disclosing GMSB proprietary information to others or permitting others to use GMSB intellectual property.

1.2 Respect for Third Party IP

Unauthorized use of the intellectual property of others can expose GMSB (and individuals within GMSB)to lawsuits, damages, significant fines and criminal penalties. We respect third party intellectual property and use it only after having properly secured rights to its use.

In particular we must:

1. Respect valid copyrighted materials and other protected intellectual property of others consult with the Legal department concerning licences or approvals that may be necessary to use intellectual property of others.

2. Put safeguards in place to avoid inadvertent disclosure of proprietary information of any previous employer

3. Respect third party intellectual property right handed over for limited purpose under nondisclosure agreement)