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Cloth or Duct Tape - Natural Rubber

Product Features

Woven Polyester & Cotton Blended with LDPE & Coated with Natural Rubber

Product Characteristics

  • Good conformability
  • Designed for heavy duty
  • Removes cleanly for up to three months when applied indoors
  • Sticks immediately and stays on for up to one year without deterioration
  • Strong water-resistant backing resists wear and light abrasion
  • Provides a tight, moisture-resistant seal in many containment situations
Jumbo Roll Size :1060mm x 500m
Paper Core Size :76mm
Cut Sizes :As per customer requirements
Shelf Life
12 Months Storage at 23°C and 65% Relative Humidity


General Manufacturing & Industry

Building & Construction


Art & Craft Decoration



For non-critical, general use in packaging, bundling, sealing, repairing, holding, book binding, carpet joining, taping / splicing insulation, reinforcing, patching, tabbing, marking & labelling

Disclaimer :

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