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Double Sided PE Foam Tape

Product Features

Double Sided PE Foam coated with Synthetic Rubber Adhesive or Solvent Acrylic based adhesive

Product Characteristics

  • Unique rubber adhesive system provides quick stick
  • Designed for irregular surface
  • Durable & flexible
  • Provides cushioning
  • Good adhesion, good tensile strength, permanent bond, highly conformable, good moisture resistance
  • Ideally for low surface energy and excellent in sound weakening as well as vibration dampening
  • Environmental safe material: made of special acrylic adhesives, senior polyethylene foams with variety thickness, non-toxic
  • Double coated tapes leave no puncture holes
  • Good initial tack
Jumbo Roll Size :1060mm x 300m
Cut Sizes
:As per customer requirements
Shelf Life
12 Months Storage at 23°C and 65% Relative Humidity






Mounting of lightweight materials, bonding, vibration dampening, splicing, laminating, permanent fastener, sealing. mostly used in automobile industry such as door sealing, mounting strip, pedal metal board &etc

Disclaimer :

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